Three years since the launch of Venture Search

Posted on 01 November 2022

This November marks the third anniversary of the launch of . Three years ago, James Maidlowand I sat in our 6ft x 12ft office and made it “LinkedIn official”, announcing our brand new company to the world, and got to booking as many meetings as we could. 

Little did we know that just around the corner the world would shut down for the best part of a year, and for some time there was going to be little need for the 500 presentation folders and 750 business cards we’d ordered!

In many ways the hard-stop that was covid gave us an opportunity to reflect on our business and strategy, and out of the uncertainty and inconvenience that was global lockdown, our UK business was born. 

Since then, it’s been hard to keep up with the milestones we’ve passed, and the ups and downs along the way (mostly ups!). Our achievements have been in no small part attributable to the exceptional team members who took the leap to join a small team with big ambitions. 

This week, the team in Dubai will attend the TALiNT PartnersTiara Recruitment Awards, where we are nominated for Best Growth company, and Best Firm to work for.  Whether we come back to the office with trophies in hand or not, this is an excellent opportunity for us to take stock of what has been achieved so far, and what we have ahead of us.

Today, we’re surrounded by 15 exceptional team members, have expanded into new offices in London and Dubai, and have our sights set on continuing to raise the bar and expanding into new markets in our fourth year and beyond.  

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