The rapid growth of the Dubai hedge fund market

Posted on 14 December 2022

The Hedge Funds space in Dubai is going through a hyper-growth phase, with Multi $Bn Multi Managers, Quant Funds, and Boutique Hedge Funds setting up shop in the Emirate.

In addition to the tax incentives and softer regulations, Dubai is a safe, affordable, and international city, that attracts top talent from large financial centers like London, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Furthermore, residents get to enjoy 365-day sunshine (although admittedly temperatures soar from June til August), through the summer portfolio managers and analysts bolt for cooler climates in Europe.

Finally, from a Trading perspective. Dubai, conveniently, sits 4 hours behind most APAC cities, 3-4 hours ahead of most European Cities, and 8-9 hours ahead of most North American Cities. This enables trading talent in Dubai to have a presence in multiple exchanges across a single working day, this geographic advantage is not seen amongst other global competitors. For example, a London-based PM who trades in the Chinese markets, wakes as early as 4 am to start their day! Whereas, if they were based in Dubai they would easily be able to cover this market in their 'regular' work day.

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